W+ ERP Functionalities

W+ERP helps you to manage any and all of your company's departments more effectively, providing full solution to your business needs anywhere, anytime.

Sale Management System 

Sales Management made easy - Generate Quotation, Sales Order, and close opportunity at ease
Quotation Creation  
Can be created online and send as email attachments 
Online eSign 
Clients can sign their quotation online 
Sales order creation 
A single click to transform quotation to Sales Order
Upselling opportunity 
Sell more with clean quotations 
Transactions and Communication history all in one place  
Centralized place to find sales transactions and communication records
Sales Reports with one click  
Comprehensive self generated, easy to read report in Graphs or Pivot table with one click
Accounting Management System 

Beautiful Accounting Software screen - Do more with less time
The Trend Function Changes the Way we Work 
Efficient integration of various business operations required efficient tool
Create accurate and professional customer invoices, management vendor bills, and easily track income payments
Concise report
- With your favorite way was now report table, easily build stand receivable accounts, payable accounts, total accounts, earnings reports, balance sheets, etc.
- The use of business intelligence analysis tools to create multi- angle report table
Record transaction
- Integrate with other applications
- Sales Purchase Inventory POS reimburse employees

Next Generation E-commerce - Turn visitors into your clients
Fully featured E-commerce
Optimize sales with an awesome online store
Create fantastic product pages 
Easily create product pages using W+ ERP's simple building blocks
Integrated inventory management  
All your stock data syncs in real time between your e-commerce shop and your inventory
Full integration
All your sales data automatically, syncs in real time with our other W+ ERP modules to create a streamline process through your sales, invoice, accounting and inventory needs
Fine tune your catalog
Boost sales by emphasizing best products  
Clean checkout process  
Convert visitor interest into real orders
Project Management System   

Project management made easy - Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use.
Fits your own process
Customize your process, stage, and Kanban views  
Work together 
Assign tasks, set deadlines, chat in real time, share documents, integrate your emails
Collaborative writing
The power of Etherpad inside your tasks 
Track issues
Strong support services, helpdesk, bug tracker... 
Full functions integration
Integrate the project management module with other W+ ERP modules such as timesheets, sales, & invoices to calculate the project costs, track its progress and effectiveness.

Human Resources Management  

Human resources modern enterprise -  
Integration: recruitment, employee files , 
Reimbursement, vacation, attendance, etc.
Recruit top talent 
Simplify the recruitment process
Smooth management of employees 
Concentrate all your HR information, 
Detailed employee file 
Track attendance time 
Option to track attendance
Leave management
Easily track employee vacation and make false case
Streamlined expense management
Faster update and approval of employee reimbursement branch out
Improve communication between employees
By Discuss increase internal communication tool strong staff interaction
Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manufacturing Reinvented - A modern solution for a traditional process
All you need in a single software
Easy + Powerful = Lean
No more time clocking
Accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing time measure 
Work Stations
Track the forecasted vs actual production time at each production stage
Optimize your inventory level
Through accurate manufacturing order forecasts and requirements 
Barcode Integration 
Track your components, products to ensure your quality  
Great Reporting & KPIs
All the data you need at your fingertips